Speedy and your height

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  1. I was reading through BagLadie's thread about her amazement of the Speedy 25's carrying capacity.
    Then there were comments about height in proportion to the bag so I wonder...

    What is your height and what size of Speedy do you carry? :smile:

    I'll start. I am a wee sized lady at 5'1" (w/o my stiletto shoes heehee). I carry the 30 and I know it looks like a house at my side but I'm so in love with it :wlae:
  2. I am 5'10 and carry a mono Speedy 35 and an epi Speedy 30 :smile:

    **The epi speedy is bigger than a 'normal' speedy, IMHO :smile:
  3. I'm 5'4'', and I carry the 30. Absolutely love it to bits !
  4. i'm 5'2'' - carry speedy 25 in azur. bigger speedies just look wayyy too big on me, and i don't even carry enough stuff to fill a 25.
  5. I am 5 feet 1 inch and I have a 25 mono and 25 damier
  6. ah hello fellow 5'1" :smile: yes, i initially got the 25 but found it hard to get in and out of. but if you love it, rock it :smile:
  7. im 5'1 and 110 lbs. i carry a 30 and it is perfection, as far as speedies go!
  8. 5'9, and praying to get the azur 30!!!
  9. I'm relatively tall (5'8) but I preferred a 25 as my first speedy. The 30 probably looked better in proportion to my body, but I felt like it was a small duffel bag instead of a purse. I can always fit everything I need in the 25 too. If I am lugging a lot of stuff, I will want a shoulder bag.
  10. woo, ditto that. :yes:
  11. 5'6, rockin' damier speedy 30 :love:
  12. 5'1 and I carry the Cerises Speedy 25 and both the Mono and Damier 30's.
  13. 5'6" :cutesy: and I prefer to carry one of my 30's.....
  14. I'm 5'2 and carry the 30...also the Miroir's are a bit larger and they don't look weird on me at all, IMO. I actually feel weirder carrying the Cerises since it's only a 25 lol.
  15. 5'7 new mom to Speedy 25!! i like that had a bit more structure & my SA said it makes a great casual evening bag, in addition to daytime bag and I could definitely see that!!