Speedy and Washing Hand ?

  1. hello i'm a new owner of a speedy (azur 25 :heart:). now i've a problem. on day 2 i brought my bag out. i need to wash my hand when my bag is with me in the washroom. i tried to keep it high on my elbow but it just keep sliding down and eventually my lovely speedy touches the basin :shocked:. believe me my heart breaks a little on the spot and now my new speedy has water stain :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: . please let me know how u girls hold your speedy when washing hands. tia~
  2. Sometimes I will put it between my knees and hold it. I will basically do anything to not have to put it down in a bathroom! LOL!
  3. Make your dear BF, or DH hold it for you, or whoever you are shopping with. :biggrin:
  4. I put it between me knees too!! It is the best way, you just have to be careful when you have to move to dry your hands!! sometimes, I tell the bf to hold it while I go to the washroom!
  5. I always carry hand sanitizer or baby/antibacterial wipes with me in my bag. I hate to use public restrooms. I'm going out of town tomorrow on business and I'm taking one of my bags with me for the flight. If you have ever flown you know how nasty those bathrooms can get and water is everywhere. No where to put anything..so the wipes and hand sanitizer are very handy!
  6. I would put it between my knees.
  7. i tuck it inbetween my knees too
  8. I will hand it to my BF before going into the bathroom or like above I will put it between my knees.
  9. i actually wrap it in my coat and then put it between my knees..you never know when you'll get the people who shake their hands to get the excess water off near you...then one of the flying droplets hits your bag....

    call me crazy but i would do anything to defend my speedies vachetta
  10. When I put my speedy between my knees, the board at the bottom of my speedy gets flipped sideways! :cursing:
  11. LOL thank goodness for this forum! I'm such a clean freak I thought I was alone in my insanity! I always ask a friend to hold my handbag for me (particularly an LV) if I have to go in a public restroom. So I never carry an LV if I'm shopping by myself!
  12. I have someone hold it or I wash my hands one at a time. I spray the vachetta with Shinning Monkey to make it water resistant. Also, this is interesting. I dropped one drop of water on a new lv before and it left a water mark. I spilled plenty of drops of bottled water (Fiji to be exact) on that same bag a day later and nothing!!
  13. On a few ocassions, I carried my Priscilla out and luckily for me,her handles are quite long,so I can carry her on my shoulders for a while when washing hands and after drying, i will take her down to my arm again... :p
    As for my Speedy, i hv no prob at all coz i'm carrying a Damier Speedy 25... :graucho: gd luck...
  14. If there are paper towels, I just put it down and set my bag on top of it. I make sure it's a dry area though. I never even thought of putting it between my knees. Good idea!
  15. I put it between my legs or I ask my friends to hold my bag for me.