Speedy and Wallet?

  1. Hello all! i just came back from a 5-day vacation in Auckland, New Zealand with my mother, where we were visiting some relatives. It was fun, esp. when we got to go shopping! :biggrin:

    We went to the LV stores (naturally) on Queen St and Custom St on, and they were pretty nice. i wanted to see the new Damier speedy, but because we went on 3rd June, a lot of them had already been sold. both stores only had the 30 left, which was a little big to me :noworry:

    we didnt end up buying anything :sad: because my mum was worried about customs :huh: so now that I am back in Australia i am thinking of getting either the Mono or Damier Speedy 25. i like the damier, but I prefer the monogram, although i dont think I can take care of the leather too well. i would also like the koala wallet, and I would like to get it to match the bag, but is it really worth it? it doesnt cost much less than the BAG, and I doubt my mother would let me spend so much on a bag AND wallet :hrmm:
  2. Get the speedy (mono or damier are both GORGEOUS so you can't go wrong with either one of them) first and a wallet later.:idea:
  3. oh you're back! i didn't see you here for such a long time. hope you had fun.

    the Damier Speedy is growing on me too! but like LV_addict said, get the speedy first and a wallet later.
  4. I have a mono speedy and a koala wallet - I love the set, but I felt guilty because I bought my speedy 2 price increases ago - and it was the same price as the koala :/
  5. Speedy first, wallet later!
  6. I'd definitely get the bag first, then the wallet. However, I think an LV is definitely worth it, because a wallet is used much more than a bag :smile: Well, at least that's what I keep telling myself to justify my new Epi Wallet! :lol:

  7. Ditto!!;)
  8. I agree with the others, speedy first then a wallet. I felt bad spending a lot on my koala too but it is the one thing I actually get the most use out of it. Either way you will be happy with the purchase whichever you decide.
  9. If your gonna do it, just do it! I got the zip wallet and the speedy in damier. Love'em both!!
  10. Get the speedy first and then a wallet later! I think you'll get more use out of a purse then a wallet. :yes:
  11. Get the speedy first and then a wallet. I am waiting for the damier speedy to arrive here:huh:
  12. totally agree! speedy first then the wallet! chick - you should of told me you were coming over! i would of totally come shopping with you!!!!
  13. Speedy all the way!