Speedy and Twilly..together at last...

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  1. Big shout out to IntlSet for super fast shipping and a lovely new twilly for my speedy!!:love: :love:



    Don't mind my outfit..it's cleaning day but I wanted to get my pics on!!
  2. Very cute!

    One question:
    Is that a 25 or 30?
    I love the size!
    (and I'm still debating between the two sizes... hehe)

  3. WHEE!!!! YAY! So pretty. I wouldn't have even thought to tie it around the handles like that. It's so cute! And that bag is the perfect size for you. Thank you for your purchase, please come again. <--- said in voice of Apoo from The Simpsons.
  4. It's a 30!!
  5. Agree! So pretty!
  6. gorgeous combination, love it!
  7. That looks so cute! :love: Makes me want one for my Speedy :nuts:
  8. it's cute. what is it? what is it? I want one!
  9. It's a Hermes Twilly. You can order them from their website. One day, I tied one of my Pucci scarves to my bag. It was a little big, but it looked cute. I think a Twilly would be a lot better.
  10. :lol: @ Apoo imitation! Nice pics! Glad they finally found each other :love:
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