speedy and alma shoulder straps

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  1. Hi,
    I like the bags with the long straps. I am thinking about adding a strap to the damier alma or speedy. Does anybody do this on a daily basis or do you think it ruins the look of the bag?
    Thanks for your input:yes:
  2. IMO it ruins the look.:smile:
  3. Yeah, I'm not a fan of adding straps to these bags, but it is acceptable to LV.....If that's what you like than that's all that matters, personally though I was liking a mandarin epi alma at one point and then saw someone wearing it with a strap and it made me change my mind for some reason.....
  4. I have a mono Alma & use the strap for power shopping. I usually tuck it inside until my arms are full & then pull it out & keep on shopping. It is really useful & the bag is made for it.
  5. I have the longer strap and I think it's kind of silly. It's cute for a smaller bag, like the mini sac HL to be carried cross body !
  6. like Lee69 said, in my opinoin, it looks silly.