speedy and a strap. will it work ?

  1. Hi all :smile:

    I'm about to buy my first LV, and as I'm new to those bags I would appriciate your help :smile:
    I love speedy designe, but I'm afraid that a hand bag will not be suitable for me, as I'm usually carying lot's of stuff with me. so the question is- is it possible to add one of LV straps to this bag? on the sides there are small handles with holes, so mabey I can link a strap to it... have no idea.
    please help :smile:
  2. I have a speedy 25. I bought the monogram strap to go with it.. but I later sold it. I just didn't like the look of a speedy on my shoulder, but it does work.
    To me, the speedy is strictly a handheld bag. That's the way it looks it's classic best.

    Perhaps you should look at a shoulder bag instead.. like the Batignolles or a Cabas Piano?
  3. I bought the cowhide strap to go with my Speedy and I keep it rolled up in the bag in case I need to sling the bag over my shoulder. It really scrunches up the bag and takes away from the look.

    My suggestion is if you dont like a handbag then get the Tivoli GM especially since you say you carry alot. This bag is real big inside and opens real wide. I wouldnt go the route of the Cabas Piano that is small and doesnt open wide at all.
  4. thanks so much for your kind reply and suggesstions. I'll have a tough choice here, bacause I really would like something practical for my first LV, and I would like it to be possible to carrie as often as I want :smile:

    it's good to know that a strap is possile to add. mabey I'll buy speedy and second bag for heavier items... nead to make decision!

    it it alvays that hard to buy a first bag from a new brand for you?
  5. ^Yes it is hard to buy especially cause the pics dont help with sizing etc.

    Why dont you just go in to a LV store and play around with all the different bags you see online that you like? Some girls went on to LV.com and put all the bags they liked in the "wishlist" and then printed that out and took it to the store. That was helpful for the Sales girls to find the bag you liked then. Good Luck.
  6. :yes: nothing wrong with getting a speedy AND another bag to put on your shoulder.
    And the decisions don't always go get easier after the FIRST bag. ;)
  7. I know how you feel! I also want a Speedy for my first LV bag but I am used to shoulder bags so I was afraid I won't get as much use out of it as I want to. But I decided to just go for the regular Speedy without a strap - if you need your hands you can wear it in the crook of your arm!
  8. I'll do that for sure! but as long as I don't have LV store in my country I neade to think it over as much as I can :smile:. I don't want to waste all my wacations in LV store!
  9. DiorKiss- this is just my problem here! hope that we both will be able to find our dreamed bags. good luck!