speedy advise please!

  1. Dear LV-addicts,

    the situation is as follows:
    i do have a speedy mono 40 (carryall for travel), speedy 35 mono (everyday bag), speedy 30 damier (everyday dressier bag)....
    I am craving for an other speedy...
    ..i love the size ,practicality and the look of the 30 mono(- but i have already 2 big)
    ..i love the look of the mini lin 30 but i am afraid it is too sensitive
    ..i love the look of the 25 mono but i dont know if it is too small for me, even for evening...

    I know, i am a speedy-addict:graucho:, but what do you think???


  2. You should get the azur speedy 30 :yes: even though I realize that wasn't an option!
  3. I totally recommend the Mini Lin. I have 2. The Ebene and The Dune.. They are not delicate at all.

    To me they are the perfect Speedy. No Vachetta and you still get the LV logo. They are super lightweight and not everyone has one.

    If you do not like the sag. Here is what I do.... I take an empty DVD case and open it up and put it on the bottom. It fits perfect. ZERO sag.

    GO FOR THE MINI LIN!!!!! You will not be sorry I promise.
  4. I think the 25 is too small. Seems as though you like bigger bags. However, if you must get a 25, it should be a Cerises :tup:
  5. I would say Mini Lin Dune or Azur, so you'll also have a light color bag for summer.
  6. I'd go with the mini lin ... it's not that sensitive, it's quite sturdy and beautiful!
  7. How about an epi speedy? The 25 is a little bigger than the mono 25.
  8. I would go with azur 30 or mini lin
  9. Go for the azur 30!!! Love this bag!
  10. My vote is for the Mini Lin in Ebony.
  11. I love the Mini Lin in Ebony also...I too can't get enough of them....I'm relating to your "problem"!!!
  12. Go for Mini Lin in Dune or the Azur!
  13. You need the new watercolor Speedy 35......!!!
  14. Go for the min lin or a 25. Either choice adds a variety to your collection that you don't already have!
  15. Thanks everyone..i will try out the azur and the mini lin today at my store..
    does anyone has a pic of the watercolour speedy? sounds interesting...