Speedy advice

  1. Hello LV forum! This is my first time posting here. I have always admired LV from afar. Now I'm looking for some advice and hope you all can help. First, here is a question: Is it possible to get an authentic vintage speedy on eBay for a good price? Perhaps it sounds strange, but I actually like the speedys best when they look "well loved." That being the case- what is my best avenue for finding a deal on a used one? Is eBay the right place? Consignment shops? Yard sales?
    And- any tricks of the trade I should use/know to avoid purchasing a fake?
    Thanks a million :smile:
  2. Yes you can get a nice vintage piece on eBay just *MAKE SURE*you post it in the authenticate this louis section first. Ebay is prob the best out of the ones you listed.
  3. You can find lots of great vintage LV items on ebay! Just make sure to get it authenticated here first. I've gotten some of my best bags for ebay. And I agree with you, I like them best when they look pre-loved!
  4. Thank you both! And I gather that when I try to get it authenticated, I'll need to ask for extra pictures of the heat stamps right? Are there any other pictures/views I should ask for?
    Lastly- may I ask what is a reasonable price for a rather well pre-loved speedy 25? Seems like prices are all over the map. TIA:smile:
  5. Prices are going to vary depending on the condition of the bag, price the seller wants, etc. I've seen the Vintage Speedy 25 go anywhere from 50.00 to 300.00 on Ebay. I just won one last night and paid 300.00 for it. It is from 1983 and made in France. It looks brand new on the outside with the exception of an already beautiful patina. It does have a stain on the inside but I don't care. Good luck and have fun looking.
  6. Hi and welcome to the Purse Forum!!!! You can also try let-trade.com -- they are My Poupette Recommended Sellers, however it is still a good idea to post in the "Authenticate This" section, just to be sure. Good Luck :smile:
  7. Thank you everyone for your advice! I'll be sure to post on "authenticate this" and take advantage of your expert opinions :smile:
  8. Yes. I would stick with "MPRS" (My Poupette Recommended Resellers) ONLY and make sure to get the auction authenticated here. I got my mono speedy from an MPRS for less than $500 gently used.

    I would not take the chance with non-MPRS sellers.
  9. Also, remember you can get your bags authenticated at an LV store also if you really want to be sure. You definitely want pics of the heat stamp and date code as well as stitching and well, the more pics the better! For your own piece of mind you probably want pics of the corners so you can see what kind of wear the bag has. I think for a vintage bag in good condition $300 is a good ballpark figure. Good luck!!! I hate virgin vachetta which is why I always try to get pre-loved bags when they have vachetta on them. Let someone else break it in for you....and then you get it cheaper? Score!
  10. Eeeew... not yard sales or estate sales or craigslist. You have a 99.9% chance of buying a FAKE. Ebay is great -- just be real, real careful! Read the seller's feedback, take a good, critical look at their current and previous auctions. Did they take the pics themselves? How detailed are the pics and the descriptions?

    I like to buy pre-loved LV's either from big LV resellers with excellent reputations or from sellers where you can tell they only have one or two to sell, but have good reputations as ebay sellers. Read the auction listing real carefully. Know all of the details re: shipping charges, payment methods, insurance, return policy, etc. And by all means, take your auction to the LV Authentication Thread -- those guys are GENIUSES!

    Good Luck! I have no doubt you'll be able to score a really pretty Speedy in no time! But, that brings me to one more point -- Never rush into bidding or overbid because you feel like that one particular auction is the ONLY one for that bag that you will ever see! There will always be another one coming along in another few days/weeks. Its not worth ignoring your careful research and gut instinct just to get something in your hands a day or two quicker.
  11. Gosh- Thank you so much to all of you. Your sage advice is very much appreciated.