Speedy Advice!!!

  1. Yesterday I bought a Speedy 30 and now I am full of doubts after seeing this Jessica Simpson pic. I don't know what size of Speedy she is carrying, but it seems as if the bag has collapsed :cry: What can I do to prevent this awful effect???
  2. Some people make a cardboard panel to place in the bottom of the bag to help it hold it's shape. My 25 doesn't do this, so I don't know from personal experience. Have you ever seen the rigid panel in the bottom of a Vera Bradley bag? A person could make one of those pretty easily. Someone else mentioned putting a magazine in the bottom of the bag.

    Something else you can do it keep it full of stuff! Looks like Jessica is not carrying much in that bag.
  3. Personally I dont think Jessica carries much stuff in her bags. Even her Mc bag she carried from the Newlywed's had a sag to it :sad:
    the bag she is carrying in that pic is a speedy 35.

    To prevent the sag you can cut a piece of cardboard and cover it in fabric if you like for the bottom of the bag. It will not only help the sag but the bag will keep its shape and not look squished.
  4. That was the reason I replaced my mono 30 with the MC one. I find that the corners of the MC speedy help the bag keep it's shape better. Cardboard or magazine should do the trick. I am still wondering WHY JS would carry this bag with nothing it when she owns LV speedy in every size! She truly IS an idiot (no offence to all the JS fans here)!
  5. I stick a catalog on the bottom of mine. No sag!
  6. Yea, she probably only has some lipgloss and her sidekick in there, you have to put more stuff in it.
  7. It makes me laugh, did you see on the newlywed show where she went out to dinner with Nick and friends and was trying to locate her new black Amex? She was digging through her Gucci bag and had everything in there but the kitchen sink. I take it that was just for the show to make her look Loopy ? Because if she carried that much stuff all the time her bags wouldnt sag they why they do.

  8. I remember that episode too! That was crazy! I'm surprised she didn't have chronic back pain after that~
  9. So it makes you wonder, yknow.
    Why her other bags are so saggy?
  10. I use the Eluxury catalogues, they are thin and stiff, it works perfectly.
  11. I love the saggy look..
  12. I just got my first Speedy 30 and I cut out a cardboard out and placed it at the bottom of my bag and vwala! Problem fixed! Easy and cheap fix!! :smile: Good luck!
  13. People have said a purseket with help, helps the outer walls from collapsing. purseket.com