speedy 40

  1. can speedy 40 be worn as an everyday bag?
    i don't know why but lately i 've been having my eye on speedy 40.
    does anyone have modeling pictures?
    i would greatly appreciate seeing them.

    thank you guys
  2. No pics, I'm afraid. But I do own one and yes, it can be (that what I use it for). This is a BIG bag, however. I'm over 6 ft tall and it works for me, but it can very easily look like a piece of luggage on smaller frames. It also gets heavy. As it was a gift, I have no complaints, but I would not have purchased this size. HTH
  3. May want to ck out the "Clubhouse" Speedy subforum for pics with the 40.
  4. I think it's a little large for everyday use if you're small.
  5. It prob depends on your size. I'm 5"3 and I bought it because I love it, but the following week I went back and returned it for a 35.
  6. For me, it would be way too big.
  7. i love the 40 too
  8. I have it and I love it...
    Everybody thinks that it's too big for an everyday use, but it's not at all...
    Get it !!!
  9. One of my friend carry speedy 40 for her daily work bag.
  10. How tall are you?
  11. i am 5'6"
    i have a speedy 35 which i love. i have a client who just loves her 40 but i just can't remember what it looks like in person so that's why i wanted to ask you guys what you think.
    i guess it will be best for me to go to the store and try one on. i am loving big bags lately.
  12. The other day in a shopping mall, I saw one pregnant lady with about height of 5.3" carrying a speedy 40. And I think it's really look gorgeous on her.
  13. I'm up to buying the same bag...
    What do you expect me to say to you...? if it wasn't available anytime I would make you go right this moment...lol
    I think it's perfect and it's not big...it's has a slight abundance of space..hahaha
  14. I love it!

    I'm 5 9' and I think i'm going to have to buy myself one from the Louis Vuitton website this evening.

    BTW, does anyone know if I can buy a luggage tag to go along with this as I now see that they're offering free personalisation which wasn't available when I purchased my keepall 50?
  15. lascalan I was thinking the same thing...I don't think that you will find a tag online...and you need a mini tag..so do I. Moggie send me a photo of the speedy 40 with the mini tag and it's gorgeous...It's something like 25euros and free heatstamping as well...see the photos here:


    Hope I was of help to you...