Speedy 40?

  1. Does anyone have this? If so, is it too big to carry as a tote bag? I welcome any thoughts - thanks!
  2. It's quite large.
    I only use mine when I am travelling or when I have lots to tote around.
    For me, it is way to bulky to use on a daily basis. I'm sure others who own the Speedy 40 might feel differently........
  3. Thanks! I'm a big bag gal (uh, and also a plus sized gal) - and I seem to carry everything I can think of to work each day. I wouldn't take it out to dinner - but just to lug my stuff around.
  4. ive tried it on
    i like it as a travel bag
    35 is more everyday for me
    although i have a 30 which i feel is really small
  5. I love the look of the bigger speedy's. However I am small and could probably fit inside the 40, LOL!!!
  6. LOL! I am 5'6" and "full figured" - so, unfortunately, I couldn't fit inside the 40!
  7. Too big as an everyday bag
  8. I carry the 30 and it is pretty big and roomy. It holds a ton and I never come close to filling it. Before I bought it, I went to LV to try on bags and see which one looked best on me. You may want to do that. You might find the 40 too big, or just perfect for you!
  9. huge...:smile:)))
  10. I carry the 30, too - and fill it to the brim - so I think I am going to have to plan a little visit to my local LV store! Thanks!
  11. I suggest you try it on in the store.. Because it will really depend on you if you like the size or not.. Some do not like it because it seems out of proportion for them.. Personally, I love the 40! I'm only about 5'1.. Here's a pic for reference..=)
    DSC05996.JPG DSC06016.JPG
  12. great modeling pics speedy lover! IT LOOKS REALLY NICE ON YOU!!! i must say though i am surprised. My friend is about your height and body figure and the bag loooked like a keepall on her!
  13. I wear my Speedy 40 - I am OBSESSED with it! I also am 5'7" and full figured - halfway through my "lose 200 pounds"... lol... I LOVE IT! You should totally get it - it holds a TON!!! Sorry for the bad pics...


  14. haha- I don't know if this helps but as a guy I actually tried it on at the store to see if I could *maybe* use it as a tote or small travel bag, but it only took me a few seconds to decide that it was WAY too small for me. (I actually felt bad because my SA spent more time taking it out of a drawer and unfolding it than I spent looking at it :lol:) So from my perspective I didn't find it too big at all.
  15. Too big for me as everyday bag too.. ppl might thought that am carrying a luggage out to work...