Speedy 40

  1. Who has a speedy 40. Do you use this bag for travel or a handbag?
  2. you could use for both...i use mine as a handbag.
  3. I've got a Speedy 35 and find it a bit too big to use as an every day bag. As suggested to me, I plan on using it as a travel bag.
  4. I'd use the 40 for travel.
  5. I think it is a travel bag too, the 35 is pushing it for an everyday bag!
  6. I love my Speedy 40 when I travel. I think it's a tad large for use as an everyday bag, but it hold all my necessities when I'm on a trip. You will love it, if you get it.
  7. travel, too large for everyday use. i saw a nice lady at the airport carrying one, very chic IMO.....