speedy 40..to big for an everyday bag?

  1. Hi, Just wondering your thoughts on the speedy 40.

    I'm worried it will be to big for an everyday bag, I'm about 5'8.

    Anyone have pictures of there 40 ?

  2. I know people here carry it, but it seems awfully big to lug around every day to me.
  3. If you love it, go for it! I've seen people carrying it and thought it looks pretty cool:supacool:
  4. I think it all really depends on what you carry with you?!
  5. It's pretty big- keep in mind it's about the same size as the carryall:
  6. yeah, i totally reckon it all depends on what you carry everyday...
  7. I've only seen one person carry the Speedy 40 in real life. It's a lady and she's pretty tiny, she carries it on her shoulder. It looks amazing anyways. But I think it's kinda big to carry around. Have you considered Speedy 35?
  8. Too big for everyday, i think she's perfect as travel bag
  9. I would prefer the 30 or 35 for an everyday bag, IMHO. Unless your line of work requires carrying around a lot, however...I for one have enough trouble even filling up my 25, LOL!
  10. i think the 40 is waaaay too big for me
  11. i think the 40 ist to big for an every day bag. but if you really like it and you have a lot to carry then go for it!
  12. Well, if you like it, go for it..!

    I personally thinks it's too big for me, but that's because I'm quite petite... :P I'm having a 30 and most people think that 25 will suits me better... :P I got the 30 anyway... lol Just go with what you love...
  13. too big and it will sag
  14. i think its the best looking size
  15. I definitely think its too big unless you're required to carry a lot for work. A 35 would probably look better.