Speedy 40 or Keepall?

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  1. Hi all, I'm trying to figure out whether it'd be more beneficial financially if I get a Speedy 40 instead of the smallest Keepall size LV has (I'm not sure if it's the 35 or not). I have no idea how much bigger the Keepall is than the Speedy 40 but I have decided that I would get one of those. Anyone owns either? ANy input? Thanks!
  2. The keepall 45 (which is the smallest keepall) is 17.6x10.5, and the speedy 40 is 15.6x9.8 inches.

    Personally I think the keepall looks much better and it will probably be much easier to carry as well as load. I think the speedy 40 looks a little odd, it's just so BIG. I love the keepall though, I really want a 55 :love: You could get the shoulder strap too and it would be easier to carry. The keepall should also keep its shape a lot better.

    Let us know what you decide! :biggrin:
  3. Hi
    I have the LV Keepall 55 and 60- I used to have the LV Speedy 40- I LOVE the keepall for traveling much better than I liked the Speedy 40! I used to have the LV Keepall 45- I really like the LV Keepall 55 best of all.
  4. Go with the keepall esepcially for travel.
  5. I have a Keepall 50 and 60. I would definately say go for the Keepall. The Speedy 40 is HUGE. You can't carry the 40 as a handbag, which is what its suppose to be. IMO, it doesn't look right b/c of its size. The Keepall to me serves as a great travel piece.
  6. I'm hoping to get the keepall 55 for my travelling!!
  7. keepall 45 w/ strap.
  8. Which sizes of the Keepall bags fits easily into the airplane's overhead compartment?

    I'm trying to choose between the 45 and 50 here.
  9. Thanks for all your input guys! I'm going to go to the LV store soon and I'll see if they have both the Speedy 40 and the Keepalls (various sizes). I'll let you guys know!
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  10. i'd totally get a keepall with a shoulder strap... the other day i did see a girl with a LARGE looking speedy and hardly anything was in it and it looked really odd!

    i hope your hunt goes well :amuse:
  11. I agree with everyone else that the Speedy 40 looks a little odd at its size. I like how the Keepall has the vertical strips of vachetta to break up the length a bit and make it look more interesting.
  12. Chaneller, all Keepalls up to the 60 fit into a planes overhead compartment.....Just a tip, if you don't pack the 60 all the way full, it will fit too. (Don't tell the airline I told you that:shame: ) Happy traveling!
  13. I have the keepall with the strap. I love it! I say go with the keepall if you want it for travel.
  14. Why not keepall in epi leather? The blue one looks good. Have u seen the giant LV posters with 4 men carrying epi keepall in a myriad of colors and a black cabas with the vuitton logo?
  15. I'd probably get a keepall, because if you are looking for a big bag, it's slightly larger. It definately wanders into luggage territory though, so I'm not sure how much action it'd see as a handbag.