Speedy 40...opinion please :)

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  1. For an everyday bag...do you like the speedy 40 in classic or the bandouliere? Thanks 😊
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  2. With such a big bag, you'll be tempted to fill her up. She might get very heavy on your arm, so definitely go for the strap! :smile:
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  3. Do you think with the strap it looks more like luggage than the classic in that particular size?
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  4. A bit, esp. in the size 40. How much do you plan to carry? Maybe get the 35 bandouliere .?
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    I have the mono Speedy 40, and it is perfect for me because I carry quite a bit, but the weight does not bother me. I love large bags, and only carry large bags, totes, etc., some with strap and some without (but I rarely use the straps). I use an organizer and a base shaper in my 40, and I love it! I suggest you think about how much you actually carry or plan to carry in your bag, and if you prefer the option of the strap like the speedy 40 B. Good luck with your decision!
  6. Get it in B. I have it in regular & I love mine but when I see it in a B on Instagram, it has a great slouch in the middle going on when hanging off the shoulder or crossbody. It's a GREAT bag.
  7. i have the speedy b in 40 and have come to love that bag...on travel it does get filled up but when I use it in an everyday manner its not full at all....at first I thought i made a big mistake in purchasing that large size but now i am so grateful that I did!....when you dont fill it up it actually doesnt have that black hole effect to find things (so much easier to get things out than my speedy 30) and I use it either way with and without strap...if i need to be hands free out comes the strap...if not I handcarry...I do notice however that the bag gets noticed/looks I think due to the size as a 40 is rarely seen around here....i think if the bag is not stuffed full it doesnt look like luggage...love love the slouch on the 40 when worn crossbody and carrying the normal things....
  8. i watched a really helpful youtube video about the 40 bandouliere. i think it depends upon your height and build, but in this video it looked really nice. here is the link :
    also i think queenkattz has one on youtube too.

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  9. Thanks guys for your opinions..helps a lot 😊
  10. My mom just got the speedy b 40 in monogram. She's 5'4 and about 125. I think it's huge but she loves it. What I do love about it is how big the opening is!

    It doesn't look like luggage on her but I'm 5'7ish at 105 and it looks like luggage on me.id try it on in store
  11. Great video!!! Just watched it! :biggrin:
  12. I absolutely love mine but couldn't use it as an every day bag as it is hand held only. I would need a shoulder strap for comfortable use. It's a wonderful bag but too large for me as an every day bag. Totally depends on what you carry!