Speedy 40 on eluxury

  1. holy crap, already gone.
  2. looks like there was an azur 30 on there earlier too.
  3. If anyone really wants it, you can keep updating the page over a few minutes and it might come back up.
  4. It's back. Help me though. What would this bag be good for? I use my 60 as a weekend bag. Maybe it would me a great mate for it?

  5. That it would :yes: - the dimensions are slightly smaller than the Keepall 45:

    Speedy 40: 16" x 10" x 7.5"

    Keepall 45: 18" x 11" x 8"
  6. what is the price?
  7. $670
  8. I want one.
  9. Do you guys think you can fit a small laptop at the bottom of this? I have a laptop thats like SMALL (its a new HP something something) hahaha.
  10. Maybe. But i wouldn't persoanally. It would weigh soo much and distort the bag.
  11. Its back in stock!!!
  12. aw, i wish i could carry a bag that big as a handbag! i love it!
  13. I have the Speedy in a size 40... Since I'm a guy it is the perfect size because the Keepall 45 seamed a tad pit too big. And it is so roomy too! LOVE IT!
  14. if it's 12" or 13" or smaller I don't think you'll have a problem, because my speedy 30 is just a little bit too small for my "12 powerbook (and by little bit I mean less than a centimenter), so I'm personally planning to get a 35 at one point so that my laptop will fit. But you should take your laptop to the store and try it there so that you don't buy a bag and come home to find that your laptop doesn't fit after all. Good luck!