Speedy 40 on a whim... and Kangaroo

  1. I am going on yet ANOTHER business trip tomorrow (I am so sick of them) and I just brought a Speedy 40 on a whim to use as a small carryon. It isn't much smaller than the Keepall 45 and it seems like a decent overnight bag. I was also thinking using it as a gym bag regularly instead of using the Keepall 45.

    I tried stuffing it and it certain fits a couple of pairs of shirts and pants in there. So the capacity isn't my concern...

    Problem is, this was the compromise that I was making with my girlfriend in buying a unisex bag that we can both use... we were considering the Cougar in black from the Damier Geant line, the Speedy 40 in Monogram, or the Saleya GM in Damier Azur.

    I am against the Saleya because it just looks like giant purse. She's against the Geant in black cause she thinks it's too masculine. So we compromised on the Speedy 40.

    Anything else you ladies and gents would recommend me? I really appreciate this.

    Oh, btw, if anyone cares, I decided to return the Kangaroo Sac Plat. At $1950 it was simply too much for what it is. It isn't remarkable looking, though the leather is beautiful and at that price I need it to be everything I want it to be!
  2. Modeling picts of the Speedy 40 please - it sounds wonderful. Did you end up with it in mono? It sounds great as an overnight bag. Terrific that you and your GF can share LV.
    How soft was the Kangaroo Sac Plat? We're not even going to get any in at my local store :sad:
  3. Pics please! I'm dying to see someone model the speedy 40. Hopefully you are 5'9" <heehee>
  4. I have the 35 and I use it as an overnight bag aswell is very very usefull
    what do you think about a noe ???
  5. Pics would definitely help with this one!!!
  6. Congrats! Love the speedy 40!
  7. I am 6'2" so, I also afraid the Speedy 40 looks a little small on me.
  8. Yes, pictures, pictures tonight. I will use my cam phone, because I just can't seem find my digital camera...
  9. A Tobago Keepall would b nice!

    oh how sad! i was hoping u would post some pics modelling it :sad:... were there any zipped compartments inside??
  10. A keepall would be a good alternative, there are several pics of one of the Simpsons & her keepall in the celeb thread, great looking bag.

    o/t, but I just saw The Covenent & there is a guy in the movie that looks like your avatar come to life.
  11. Yes, there was one zippered compartment inside.
  12. A Tobago Keepall is too expensive for my budget at the moment. :push: Otherwise I would love a black one!

    I am thinking of a Shoe Bag in black, but I already have it in blue so unless I sell the one in blue I doubt I will get the black one.
  13. I already have the Keepall 45 in monogram...

    My avatar is from a video game - Devil May Cry and he's the lead character. I didn't see The Convenant...
  14. Carryall?? I think that's the one I meant, is it smaller & squarer than a keepall?

    I like the one Ashlee is carrying:love: & it looks like a good unisex bag. I think the 40 is probably good for you, is it a lot smaller than your keepall?
  15. I'm also a guy and I have speedy in a size 40.. I was considering the keepall in a 45 but because I use my Speedy as an every day bag I felt that keepall was a pit too big.. I'm pretty tall to, 193,5 cm and I don't think it looks too small..