Speedy 40 - LV Newbie Questions

  1. I have a few incredibly silly questions for all you LV and particularly Speedy experts out there. I'm looking for a bag I can toss around in car, at desk etc. and it looks as though the Speedy 40 might do the trick. (I hear the canvas is pretty forgiving!) First of all:

    1. Does the Speedy 40 sag like crazy in the middle? I carry around a ton of stuff, but would hate to see it all cave into the middle of the bag...not a look I like!

    2. How annoying (if at all) is the fact that the zipper only runs across the top (i.e., not down the sides at all...) Does it make getting bigger things in and out a PIA?

    3. What does the "malletier" mean? As in, "Speedy 40 malletier"?

    3. Finlly, would you consider $625.00 for a Speedy 40 in excellent shape a good deal?

    I wasn't kidding when I referred to myself as an LV newbie! Many thanks in advance for anyone's insight/comments!!
  2. 1) I have noticed a bit of sagging. This doesn't happen if you place something a little sturdy into the bottom like a magazine. You can also buy bases for it if you don't want sag at all. Also: the canvas is pretty forgiving, but be careful just tossing it around. My first Louis bag got little white scratches from brushing up on certain surfaces (minor, but of course I noticed!)
    2)On a speedy 40, the opening is so wide you won't even notice it doesn't run down the sides.
    3)"Malletier" means trunk-maker.
    4)$625.00 sounds good for one that has been used around 10 times or so and in good shape. You can always just pay the $700 and have a BRAND NEW ONE! :yahoo:

    Welcome to the "LV dark side". You're gonna love it here.
  3. Thanks a million sarahloveslouis! I'd never seen the "malletier" printed on a bag before...so was curious...many thanks again!
  4. If this is a bag you're considering on eBay, make sure you head over to the "Authenticate This" sub-forum. Just to be on the safe side!!