speedy 35...

  1. Question :confused1: ....what is the current retail price on the Monogram Speedy 35? The 30 currently sells for $620.00 - just curious, as ELUX doesn't show any Speey 35's online right now. Thanks!!! :supacool:
  2. $645 I believe
  3. It's $645.00. I can't see it listed either but I typed it in "search". Are you thinking of getting a 35?
  4. Yea, but not until my house sells!!! Then I will reward myself - just planning a head!!!
  5. Well, I love the 35, everyone seems to like the 25 or 30 so I hope we'll be more 35 fans out there...
  6. I'M A 35 fan love my speedy 35! I hope you get it soon!
  7. Me too can't say enough good things about my speedy 35!! :smile:
  8. $645 for Speedy 35. Go back to elux and do a SEARCH on speedy and it pulls up all of the speedys with their prices.