Speedy 35

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  1. I have a Speedy 35. Does anyone else have this size? I'm surprised it's not more popular, especially because a lot of you ladies like large bags. I admit I rarely use mine!
  2. I have the 35. I don't carry mine often either but its a great bag when you need to carry extra things. :love:
  3. i love big bags and all, but i think the 35 would be too big for an everyday bag, because of the handles being so short...
  4. I LOVE big bags! I'm looking at one on eBay. It was a struggle to get it from the LV in my area as they alway sell out and I didn't want to put my name down for one definitely cause I wanted to compare it to the 30 and the 40.
  5. I've got one. It comes in handy to put in all my papers... But sometimes I use it as 'just a handbag'. I just love big bags.
  6. AW go ahead and put your name down, you don't have to buy it, trust me they'll be able to sell it. I did that once for a bag at LV and when it finally came in I didn't want it anymore. My sister wanted it and called 2 days later and they had already sold it!!!!
  7. i totally love BIG bags, but the 35 looked like luggage when i was carrying it around the LV store, so i just got the 30! :smile:
  8. I prefer 35, I like it sagging. I just ordered one 4 myself.

  9. I agree...Love it slouchy/saggy. That's what keeps it from looking like luggage.
  10. I just purchased the 35 and have been using it everyday . I out grew the 30.
  11. i love my mono speedy 35. it's great for taking to work or to rehearsals since i can easily put scripts and papers in it. the longer zipper opening makes it easier to put things in and take things out compared to the smaller opening on my idylle speedy.
  12. I'm picking up a Damier Ebene 35 next month. I have the Mono 30 now and while it looks good on me, I wanted something a little bigger and slouchier. Plus I plan to use this one all winter, and I'll need the extra room if I want to throw in a scarf or such!
  13. I tried on both the 30 and the 35 recently, and Im sold on the 35! I shall be getting mine by Christmas hopefully! :biggrin:
  14. I love my 35! :love:
  15. I love my 35 as well. It's so practical.

    I love the speedy ingerneral, it's such a cute bag.