Speedy 35

  1. Hi,

    Through seeing a lot of the Mono Speedy's of people who come in the shop where I work I came to the decision -or thought I had -that I'd buy 35 when I get a Mono later this year.

    However, (and I know it's an odd way to compare bag sizes) I tried a Roxanne in Mulberry on my arm today and felt like it was a bit too big to carry there (over the shoulder was fine but obv. the Speedy can't be put on the shoulder) so, my question is, is the Speedy 35 about the same width as the Mulberry Roxanne?
  2. yes it is just about the same width, but remember the speedy is probably alot lighter than the roxanne because the roxanne seems to have alot of metal bits on it and compartments. Great choice with the speedy though, its a classic
  3. i have the 35 and i love it!!!
  4. I luv mine too:heart:
  5. if you want to double check the websites for measurments etc...
  6. Can you post pics with your 35?
  7. I'm going to buy one with a strap so I can throw it over my shoulder when I need to.
  8. Go to either eluxury.com or vuitton.com and you can get the measurements of the Speedy 35.