Speedy 35 when I already have a 25?

  1. Hey LV ladies and gents,

    I am thinking about purchasing a used, vintage Speedy 35. Thing is, I already own a Speedy 25, which my dad gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago. My 25 has a nice, pretty dark patina on it and sags like a loved Speedy should :love: But, my obsession with the 35 started while waiting at the airport on a recent trip to DC. There was a woman with a beautiful, well loved Speedy 35. She was about my height or so, and she looked great carrying it.

    Is it a bit strange to want the same bag, only larger? I thought about instead going for the Damier Speedy 30, since it would be different than the monogram. But I love the size of the 35, and a vintage one would be cool for a larger schlepping-around bag than the 25.

    Thoughts? TIA!
  2. Go for it! :devil: 25 and 35 is totally different bag IMO b/c of their size differences, 25 is more of casual daily bag, and 35 can be dress up to stand out in the seas of 25/30 IMO :graucho:
  3. I think it's definitely ok to have a 25 and a 35! I don't have two different sizes of the speedy, but I've done it with other bags. They serve different purposes. I say go for it:tup:
  4. I say go for it as well! The 25 is a more fun and cute bag for quick trips and the 35 would be great for days you need to carry just a litlle bit more than usual!
  5. It's not strange at all. I have the 25 and 30 in mono and now I want the 35 so i say get it
  6. Love love lovee the 35!!
  7. Thanks for the input, everyone. I'm eyeing a few vintage 35s right now :graucho: Nice to know I'm not that crazy, after all ;)
  8. There's a big difference between the 25 and 35 so I definitely don't think there's anything wrong with carrying both. Go for it!
  9. I say get it. I have the 25 and would love to have the 30 someday.
  10. I have both ;) so I say get it too! :woohoo:
  11. Go for it! I have 4 speedy bags....all different patterns, but still......I just love the speedy!
  12. Go for it! I also want a 35!!! The size difference makes them completely different bags!
  13. I have the 25 & the 35. I would go for it!:wlae:
  14. Go for it if you like it! Speedy are so useful in every size!!!
  15. Go for it! I have a mono speedy 25, a mono speedy 30 and a damier speedy 25. I love them all.