Speedy 35 vs Speedy 40 Size Confirmation?

Jun 18, 2008
A bag I've been really wanting is a Damier Speedy 35. But people have been recommending me to go with a Mono Speedy 40 because according to them "Anything smaller than a 40 is too fem." I'm still having trouble trying to decide. I'm kind of unsure about the size. To me the 40 seems too big for an everyday bag and the 35 is about right for me. This is where I need all your help. I have two bags which I'm trying to determine if they are equal in size to a speedy 35 and 40 so I can have a better idea of the dimensions. FYI I'm around 6 Feet Tall

Here's my LaCoste Duffle. Is it about the same size as the Speedy 40 or Keepall?

Here's a Free with Purchase bag. Is it about the same size as the Speedy 40 or 35



Oct 6, 2008
30 mins from heaven
Yes...I agree...40 all the way...

btw...DH would love that Lacoste duffle of urs...He's all about Lacoste...but i'm trying to cross him over to the LV side...

Good luck...


Jul 21, 2008
Santiago, CL
I'm 5'6'' and I had a Speedy 40 and sold it (to buy my SC) and now I have a Monogramouflage Speedy 35, the size is about right for me, but I've tried the Damier in 35 and it looks even smaller than it is.
If you're 6'' you should go with the Monogram 40 in my opinion.