Speedy 35 regular or bandouliere


May 19, 2014
I would get the Bandouliére then you have the option of using the strap or take it off and use it as a regular handheld speedy :smile: I have the Bandouliére and I use it in both ways depending how much I stuff the bag :biggrin:


Jason W
Aug 27, 2011
I'd say get the bandouliere version. Not only can you wear it in numerous ways, the 35 is quite large as a hand held only bag - its almost like a mini Keepall! I would say if you want to get the original Speedy, get it in the 30 and the old style in Monogram. That is the traditional LV Speedy.


Apr 16, 2015
Bandouliere! I don't know about your frame, but for most people it I would look like a luggage piece/gym bag, as 35 is really huge... The classic one in this size would sag and look sporty anyway rather than elegant, unless you imagine putting a base shaper in it.

Since the bag is so huge, it can get very heavy. I'm guessing you're picking this size, because you want to carry a lot. Of course it depends on what you intend to keep in it (with huge, but light items it could be ok with just the handle, but with regular or heavy items, the bandouliere might come as a blessing). The next thing to consider is your lifestyle - do you actually intend to carry the bag for long periods of time or do you drive everywhere with your car? With the first - the bandouliere is indispensable, with the second you could be ok with the classic. Good luck deciding!


Nov 5, 2013
Hi lovely lvoers, I m out to get a brand new speedy 35 in DE print , do I get the regular ( elegant , classy ) or the bandoulier ( convenient shoulder strap , but looks like luggage?) help me decide [emoji56][emoji56]

Bandouliere for sure. It's more versatile. When I use it without the strap I use a Samorga organiser inside as I like everything in it's place. When I need to carry more say when travelling it's great to have the strap to clip on as you then have your hands free.


Sep 4, 2015
It really depends what you intend to use it for. The bandouliere doesn't get my vote because I really don't like the stripe and I love the simple look of the classic speedy. To me it's purely a handheld bag, but maybe I'm old fashioned, lol.
That said, the DE's stripe doesn't really have a contrast and it could pass as a regular speedy without the strap on!
If you can, go try them in store so that you can really see how it falls. The 35 is pretty big so you might know instantly what style will be more convienient for you! Personally I tend to never pick big bags with cross body straps purely because it hurts my shoulders and doesn't suit my frame. I would keep that in mind also!