Speedy 35 Question..

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  1. Hi
    I got the Speedy 35 as baby gift from my husband, and I was wondering what to keep in it to keep its shape. Purskett? What size? Is there anything to put in the bottom? Sorry for all the questions, I am just so excited and need some tips..thanks!!
  2. You can put some cardboard on the bottom. I have a mini lin speedy 30 and I used to use a magazine but now I have a DVD case on the bottom. I just open the DVD case up and it fits on the bottom perfect.
  3. I do the same thing! Great minds...:tup:

    I tried cardboard but I just didn't like it!
  4. The DVD case is a great idea! I will try it.
  5. I have to admit I "borrowed" the opened DVD case idea fom someone else here on the TPF. But I like it the best of everything I have tried.
  6. I need you girls' opinion: the 30 or the 35? sorry for the veryyyyy old question.
  7. I use a magazine.

    And NMD: 35 is the perfect size for me. I get tired of seeing 30's all around (often faked....) so I only carry 30's if the style is LE or otherwise "unique".
  8. We have a place here that sells plastic shelves, etc. If you have a place like that they can cut a pice for the bottom. Going to do that when I get my watercolor speedy
  9. I use a purseket because I also like the pockets for organization.