Speedy 35 or Sac Plat in mono ?

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  1. I think i'll buy a new Vuitton on saturday but i need to know what bag you prefer and why. Thanks !!! :P

    Sorry if my english is wrong...
  2. SPEEDY!!! It's such a convenient handbag. And I like the shape better too.
  3. do u already have a speedy? i love sac plat! esp the one in damier! i dunno what to do with it though!
  4. Of the two, I'd say speedy. The sac plat is really long and it looks hard to get in and out of. I saw a woman with one and she really had to reach to get her wallet.
  5. Yes i already have the Speedy 25 in mono but i'm going to exchange it for a new bag because i don't like it. Before I had the Speedy 40 but i resold it.
  6. I like the sac plat.
  7. Speedy definitely !! So much more useful and convenient IMO.
  8. the sac plat is so very chic-looking :heart:
  9. These two bags are so totally different it's hard to answer b/c it depends what you want.

    Personally I like the look of the speedy much more, but I can't carry one b/c I need a shoulder bag.
  10. Speedy, for convenience sake! But, like whistlerchic said, they are so different, so it's a tricky choice!
  11. i agree with whistlerchic, they are very 2 different styles.What will you use it for? The DAMIER sac plat would look superb for office/papers etc and speedy is more 'casual'. It looks like you subconsciously don't like speedies? (exchanging the 25 and selling the 40). Or do you miss it and want it back? lol
  12. I'd get the speedy....the sac plat always looked odd to me..
  13. speedy!!!
  14. i LOVE the sac plat!
  15. I would go for the speedy. I think it is more convenient to use.