Speedy 35 or Keepall 45 or BOTH?

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  1. I am awaiting the arrival of a pre-loved Mono Speedy 35 to be used as a purse. In the meantime, I am eyeballing a Mono Keepall 45 (no strap) for carry-on.

    IYP, what is the size difference in terms of amount you can stuff into them? Would it be better for me to use the Speedy 35 as carry-on?

    FYI I regularly use my Mono Speedy 30 as a purse and it is never full.

    Thanks for any advice! :smile:
  2. Well, if it's for travel you should go for the keepall, but personally I'd go for both (I already have a speedy 30, which my laptop is halv a cm too big for or something, so 35 will be perfect for me), but for an airplane carryon I'd go for the keepall 45 as I think you can get a lot more into it.
  3. i think you should get the Keepall for travel. but im a bit confused why you bought a Speedy 35, when you don't even fill-up your 30? unless you actually intend to use the 35 as an overnighter/travel.
  4. I love big bags! I was thinking about using the 35 as an overnighter too, but the Keepall 45 caught my eye and I am torn... The Keepall looks so much nicer as a carry-on...

    Does anyone have both bags? Please post pics of them side-by-side and ones of you carrying them! Thanks!
  5. I say go for both. I have the 35 and Keepall 50. I use my Speedy as a day bag and of course the 50 for travel. The 45 is definately a travel bag.
  6. Theres a 4 inch difference between the two.. I wouldve said, get the Speedy 30, with the Keepall 50 so theres um.. 8 inches difference?

    BUT Since you have the 35, get the 50 so theres more difference.
  7. both lol
  8. I'd get the keepall if you are going for a carry-on .
  9. if u can afford both, get both. the keepall is for travel, but the s peedy can be used for every day AND travel =D i saw a woman carrying the keepall and a speedy 35 at the airport.. she looked HOT :biggrin:
  10. Thanks for all your responses! :flowers:

    I will definately keep the Keepall and when the Speedy 35 arrives, I'll do a comparison. If it is too close in size, I'll probably sell it and still have my Speedy 30.
  11. I have the 35 and 40 and love them both. If you love both the 35 and 45, get them both if you can. =)
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