Speedy 35 or 40?!!??!?! Please help..

  1. HI All, I finally just brought home my speedy last night. It's such a classic beauty!!!.. I was between the 35 and 40. I'm almost 5'9 and I usually weigh about 130 or so.. I am pregnant now and wanted to buy myself a little something before the baby arrives. I decided on the 35, but after looking at it last night I was wondering if I should return it and get the 40. Of course I'll have a diaper bag soon, but after the diaper stage, is the 35 good or should I have gotten the 40? I usually use large bags and I'm thinking with child, the more space the better.. or is the 40 just good for travel and a bit too big to lug around daily? PLEASE HELP :sad: .. thanks so much for your advice!

    ps. did Jessica Simpson carry the 35 or 40?
  2. IMO: The 40 seems like a good travel bag only and too large to carry around... :s

    I think the 35 fits you best. :yes:

    OT: How many more months until your blessing is born? :nuts:
  3. Agree with you! I think the 40 is too big to carry around! I think the 35 is the best! I love my 30, the 35 was too big on me!
  4. yes, I agree 40 looks like a travel bag..also whenyou have all your items in there it'll be REALLY heavy!!!!

    if you're planning to carry your Speedy WITH your diaper bag I think 35 is best!
  5. btw, WELCOME to tPF!

    AND...Jessica Simpson carried the 35 :smile:
  6. I have the Speedy 35 and I find it to be way too big....so the 40 would be even more gigantic to carry around.

    Since you are trying to pick between the two, I would strongly encourage you to go the smaller of the two, the Speedy 35. I know what it is to imagine all the things you can fit inside when the bag is not actually in your presence, but believe me, I wish I had gone smaller.
  7. First off, welcome to Tpf!! :yes: I would definitely go with the 35...I have the 30 and the 35....personally I think the 40 is better as a carry on or travel bag!

    Second.......congrats on your pregnancy!!
  8. She's arriving in May.. :smile:

    to: luv my bags- what are your daughters names? They are adorable!
  9. Welcome to tPF and congrats on your soon to be here newest addition! I have the speedy 35 and find it a little big for me (5'2)...i ended up using it as a bag I carry to the gym...
  10. the 35 is big enough for a weekend bag if you will fill it with clothes only
    is very roomy
    go to your boutique and try the 40 again
  11. wellcome darling sorry i didn't say it again :flowers:
  12. ^ would you recommend that a guy can carry a speedy 40??
  13. Agreed!
  14. My vote is for the 35...the 40 seems like a luggage piece sometimes....
  15. I would stick with the 35.