Speedy 35 or 40! Help needed! x

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  1. Hey i'm in desperate need of a new LV so I have come to the conclusion that i'm going to go with the speedy as it is such a classical bag and will definitly never go out of fashion its also a wardrobe mush have! So i'm debating with myself whether to go for the 35 or the 40. I really like the larger bags so the 25 and 30 are too small for my liking. But I was wondering if anyboy who has either the 35 or 40 wouldn't mind posting pics of them, just so I get the general idea of the size in comparison to the body. I'm also going to madrid in October and need a bag I can use on the plane but will also look good carrying round madrid all day. (Bear in ,mind I don't carry loads, I just like big bags lol!)
    I would appreciate all the help I can get x Thanks for reading my post x
    Rose xxx
  2. Hey thanks ayla! The thread definitly gave me some idea as to the sizes! Thanks again. Rose xxx:love:xxx