Speedy 35 or 30

  1. Hello Girls

    Do any of you carry the speedy 35 as an everyday bag?
    Is it feasible to carry as an everyday bag?
    Can you please post pictures carrying it?

    Thanks in advance...

    :flowers: :flowers:
  2. I dont have a 35, but I do have a 30 and for me its the BEST!

  3. ranskimmie - I know you are a balenciaga lover too....:girlsigh:

    would you say the speedy 35 is a similiar size to the work bag?

    Thanks for replies.
  4. I have both and I use the 30 as an everyday bag. The 35 is very big!

    Here is the 35:
  5. ^^^ And here is the 30:
  6. I use my Speedy 35 pretty much every day! I love it! It seems that the 35 is not as popular, so you do not see it *everywhere*. However, I am 5' 10" tall and LOVE big bags...if you are more petite, or like more of a medium size bag, I recommend the 30. Good luck with deciding! LOL Make sure to post pics:smile:
  7. hey ya,
    i have a speedy 30 and she's great!!! i'm just 5'1 and i think if i got anything bigger she would look like luggage on me! 30 seems like a great size for most ppl!
  8. I Have The 25 & The 30.....I Think It Depends On My Mood :smile:
    .....Addictedtolv ~ I Love The Way The 35 Looks On You....Well, They Both Look Good! But, There Is Something About It, On You!!!!! :smile:
  9. Thank you so much for the nice compliment! :shame: Since you've said that, I may have to start carrying the 35 more! :yes:
  10. I have a dreamy, French Company Speedy 30 and wish that she was a 35. :sad: I find the 30 to be a tad small for my needs but it will work. The 35 would allow me a little more room though. I must land a 35, French Company in excellent shape. :yes:
  11. Thanks for the advice girls...I am only 5ft so for now I think I am leaning towards the speedy 30...aargh....I am torn.

    I wanted to just buy from eluxury but I think its best I go into the store and try them on.....
  12. I'd go with the 30!
  13. i'm 5'4" and i only have a speedy 25.
    when it stands by it self, it looks small, but when i held it, it seems the perfect size for me. i've always wanted a speedy 30. but when i tried them both, i think i fit speedy 25 more.
    so i suggest you try them on to see which fits better for you :Pgood luck with ur speedy
  14. I have a 35 and 40. I use the 35 as my everyday bag. I'm almost 5'6" and it suits my body frame.
  15. I have the FC Speedy 25 and 30 and I was looking for a FC 35. Then I thought that having all 3 Speedys by FC was a bit much so I bought the regular 35. :wacko: I looked for about 6 months - not too much out there, some FC fakes too. :rant:

    Good luck with your hunt!