speedy 35 on petite women...............

  1. do you think the speedy 35 would look ridiculous on petite women??????

    you see, i'm only 5'1", 95 lbs, and i'm seriously thinking of getting a 35. my sister was with me the last time at LV and she said i loolked silly, as if i was carrying luggage:Push: . my first was a 25 in mono and a 30 in damier. at first, the 25 was the perfect size for me, then comes a 30 and i loved it as well :love: . i'm thinking of getting another speedy before the year ends and i would love the 35 but she says i should go for a speedy azur 30 instead:confused1: . your thoughts?????????? thanks so much in advance:love:

    tpf rules!!!!!!!
  2. go for the 30..that's just right! (I dunno about the azur) I'm waiting for the new Epi colors and the mirror as well, before I buy.
    **toodles:jammin: :jammin: :jammin:
  3. The Speedy 30 looks silly on me (5'2", 110lbs), but I think it depends on personality and dress too! For example, I only like the Speedy 25 on me as a purse, but I can carry a Birkin 35 comfortably as a work tote. When I carry the Speedy 30, it looks a bit silly as a purse, but I may be able to get away with it for work if I wanted to.
  4. Agh Geez I am 25 lbs heavier than you! LOL

    Here is my speedy 35 I am 5'2 and 120 lbs. I love it and am petite but you are REALLY tiny!?! :shrugs: I think the 30 would probably be best on you IMO.

  5. thanks for the pic Syntagma:flowers:

    i love my speedy 30 but somehow i'm thinking of getting something diff from the 30 and i already have a 25 which i'm now finding a bit too small, hence the 35........but looking at it now, the 35 does look a bit too big. i like the azur but being a mom of 2 naughty boys, i rethinking it because because of the color, i wouldn't want to be paranoid about it when i'm around them. i'll look into the mono 30 though....

    thanks again pfers:flowers: !!!!!!
  6. Syntagma, the 35 is really gorgeous on you :yahoo: :nuts: :love:

    Anyway, blu_77, maybe the Epi Speedy 30 in Red or Black is also great, IMO :yes:
    But the 35 is awesome on petite women as well :idea: It depends on how you love it so much or just bcos you wanna change to the different size of bag :smile: If you love it, go for it!!!

    Hope you find the perfect baby soon ;)
  7. i always have a thing for big bags,

    so i love big bags on small girls....the look's more cool and casual :smile:
  8. It might look like luggage on you! But if it's something you want, then get it! I'm all for that! If anything, get a 25 or 30 :o)
  9. I think it would look like a carry on bag - which would be great on a plane, but I wouldn't want to carry it around. I was walking at the mall last night with my 21 year old and 16 year old and we saw a woman carrying a 35. Both my daughters spotted it and commented how funny she looked and wondered why in the world she was carrying such a huge floppy bag. It looked really funny and she was about 5'6" and 145 pounds. I think a smaller size would be more attractive for you.
  10. I'm five feet nothing and I sold my 35 b/c it was too big for everyday use. Here's a pic...
  11. Sorry but I think 35 would look too big on you. Your so tiny!
  12. I think Kathyrose has speedy 35, she's very petite, looks great on her..
  13. I have a 30, and I think it's too big for me (I'm 5'2, 97lbs). I'm a minimalist, and most of the time 1/2 the bag's empty and i'm thinking to myself what am I gonna put in here to poof it up? lol If you're gonna use it as an everyday bag, get the 25
  14. Big bags are in right now!! Look at it this way, you are probably built similar to Nicole Richie and she's always seen in ginourmous Balenciaga bags and they look just fine on her. If you like it, get it and I would suggest getting a purseket since you'll be fishing around for stuff! Good luck w/ your decision! :smile:
  15. I am 5'8 & 129,and my speedy 30 looks abit big on me. A 25 or 30 would be great for you!