Speedy 35 on a small frame?

  1. Since I already have the damier speedy 25, was thinking of buying the speedy mono 35. I'm 5'6 and have a small frame (a little over 100 lbs). I dont carry a lot of stuff but would love to have an oversized speedy. I think its kinda cool despite the sag:wlae:. Will I look silly carrying one? Or will it look chic?:graucho:
  2. If you want it go for it! Recently a TPF member show us pics of her with a "big" speedy (35 or 40) and it was simply gorgeous!!! If you are not sure go to the boutique and try it on! maybe a 30 is enough for your needs!
  3. I tried the 30 but it didnt seem to make a big difference from the 25 IMO. The 35 was perfectly oversized :graucho:
  4. I have the speedy 30 and am about the same size then you-and it looks not at all oversized, just fitting, the 25 is just too tiny for me as I carry so many things.
    I love the slightly oversized look of the 35 including the sagging! It is not too oversized like in drowning me! The only reason I am not considering it is that it is so hard to organize as I carry so much stuff!
    I think the 35 would be great for you!
  5. i am small too and i bought the 35 anyways. i love big bags!
  6. Try the 30.
  7. Go for the 35. If I could justify another mono speedy I would get one too. I wish they would make a 35 in damier.
  8. 35 is quite big
    but my opinion is try it on the store first
  9. love it.....I think it would look great. I have it and love it.
  10. I think it would look great! GO for it!
  11. Go try it on, that's always fun. And if you love it, rock it!!!
  12. I am five feet tall and the 35 was too big for me on a daily basis

  13. Is that the 35? It looks good on you! So chic! :tup:
  14. That 35 looks great on you!
  15. Oh I love the 35 on you! I want a 35 mono too but I don't carry THAT much stuff but the oversized look is so my thing too!!!

    I'd try it on at an LV store to just make sure you like how it looks on you! Because of your height I dont think it'd be much of a problem. I rather see an oversized bag then someone with a 25 that looks too small for them IMO.