Speedy 35 not listed on Eluxury?

  1. When I search through the Monogram Canvas handbags on Eluxury, the Speedy 35 is not listed.. but at the top of the website there is a search box & when I type in 'Speedy 35' and press search, the detail page comes up & says that the bag is in stock.

    Just a little confused & was wondering why this may be..

    I plan on buying the Speedy 35 when I get my tax money back next week :yes:
  2. Yeah sometimes they're screwed up. I always just type the exact name of what I'm looking for in the box and go from there :yes:
  3. might be out of stock
  4. I've done what lvbabydoll has done. I usually type speedy 35 in...and then it shows up, but not until then.
  5. yah, that's what i've been doing. it comes up under 'search'.. and says that it's in stock.

    i will be ordering it next week :smile:
  6. it's listed under "the essentials"
  7. it will always come back. don't stress. it is a staple!