Speedy 35?? Need your help

  1. :confused1:
    I'm pretty new to LV. Is the speedy 35 still available in stores? How much is it?
  2. Yes it is. It's $645.
  3. Thanks! Is it available in all styles or just the monogram?
  4. Also how much is the speedy 40?
  5. chinky, I'm not sure about those questions. Sorry. Maybe check out eluxury.com. =)
  6. i believe just in monogram
  7. Thanks I'll check eluxury.
  8. Wow, in Europe the Speedy 35 is $50 cheaper! :amazed:
  9. $50 Cheaper? Wow...
  10. Call 866-Vuitton and they can tell you what canvas'/leathers the 35 comes in. I know that there is a Epi 35 on eBay now. So it was at one time made in Epi unless thats a special order.