Speedy 35 Mono or Azur??

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  1. Hey guys! I need your help I'm getting my bag tomorrow but I'm still torn between which style to get the Speedy 35 in mono or the azur. This is going to be my everyday bag as well as my FIRST LV bag :yahoo: so I wanna make sure I choose the perfect one. Any suggestions or pics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!:smile:
  2. The azur is perfect for summer and mono is great all year round. If it was my first I would go for mono.
  3. Thanks, That's what I was thinking.
  4. I'd get the Azur Speedy and the Mon Mono Speedy.
  5. Mono. Just me, but I'm not a fan of the Azur at all...
  6. The Mono is great, but the Azur is so fresh and perfect for spring/summer!
  7. True it is perfect for spring/summer but I'm just worried with it being my everyday go to bag that the light color might get messed up.
  8. I would get mono! I like the 35 in Mono a lot better!
  9. Get the mono! It's such a classic. Plus, I don't really like the azur.
  10. Mono! I don't like azur at all once it gets patina.
  11. Mono, i regret buying an Azur 35..
  12. I've just bought a bag in Azur for spring/summer. It will be my everyday bag. But if you're worried about dirt and stains get the Mono, it's more practical and remember that any choice will be good, the Speedy is a great bag.
  13. Mono
  14. Thanks for all the help guys! So far I'm leaning towards the Mono :biggrin:
  15. I have the mono 35 and I love it.
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