Speedy 35 lovers ~ tell and show me why you like it!!

  1. Hi everyone!!
    After a short break from LV, I am back, and i have fell in love with the new watercolour 35 speedy!!

    I was wondering, those who have any 35 could you please tell me and show me (modelling pics) why you love it so much?

    Do you find the size ok? Im slightly worried its going to be too large!:p

    Thank you so much, i tried a search but you cant search '35' so i need your help!

  2. I have the mono Speedy 35 and don't find it big at all. It's funny..... most of us own other big bags and really some are bigger than the Speedy 35. But for some reason we overanalyze the Speedy dimensions until we drive ourselves crazy. Remember the old days when we went into a store, picked up a handbag and bought it because we liked the feel and the style. We didn't stand in the mirror too long because we either liked it or didn't. Also, we didn't have size options so that made it easier for sure. But these days we have too many choices and the anal ones among us (me included) can't make a decision if our lives depended on it. I attribute my indecisisiveness to being a Libra. My husband would say that I am just tortured and he is thankful that he doesn't live in my mind. But be that as it may.... I think that the 35 is a nice size and that you would definitely use it a lot. Presently it is the only Speedy I own and I do intend to buy others. But I do agree with many tpf ers when they say that a handbag should look nice with your height and size. If you are a big girl then you should wear a handbag that is at least a 30/35 size. A 25 would most likely not go with your proportions. I also do happen to like the look of an oversized bag on a smaller girl. It is chic and exudes confidence. So what I am saying is this..... if you love it, buy it. And wear it with pride! Good Luck!
  3. Thank you!
    I was just asking my sister, and she was like well, measure your balenciaga, they arn't too big etc.
    Its soo true, its like we all get scared about getting a speedy larger than a 30!!
  4. My first speedy was a 25 I thought a 30 was a little big, then the miroirs came out only in a 30 I loved it so I had to have it now I love the 30 size and think it's just right, now I'm interested in the aquarelle too and I am thinking the 35 maybe a little too big for me where does it stop? when I'm carrying my suitcase lol

    I guess it's just going to be a have to wait and see on this one it does bug me it's a 35
  5. ^ Lol a suitcase!
    Its true!! I think im the same as you, will have to wait and see xx
  6. The 35 really isn't as big as everyone makes it out to be. I actually think its the perfect size.
  7. The Speedy 35 is perfect! The opening is big enough to go in and out without scratching the hands. I don't like smaller Speedies because I don't like to scratch my hands. Plus in the 35 you can see, where your stuff is because you can open the bag wide enough. Go for it!! It isn't often to see and it's really nice and chic.:tup:
  8. i agree with atlantique, it is perfect as an everyday bag.
    i have inside: MM agenda, make-up pouch, daily newspaper, some chocolat-bars, umbrella and it doesnt look overloaded....i have also a 30 speedy but honestly, i only use it if i go with my friends for a coffee or to cinema...
  9. :yes::yes: me too!!!
  10. go for it! :yahoo: I posted a thread with my epi 35 pics.. let me see if i can find it for you..
  11. I think the 35 is nice. I have seen really petite women carrying it and the larger size looks so chic!
  12. I'm petite. So I used the Speedy 35 as my carry-on bag for overnight stay. In my case, it's too big to be carried as an everyday bag.
  13. i thnk a 35 is great. the 40 seems suitcase to me. i know i know, its bigger by 5 cm only!! but then its also higher and wider....!