Speedy 35 in Damier

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  1. I have a 30 now, and a 35 in mono. I prefer the 35 for me. I would like to order a 35...does anyone know if that is possible? The reason I ask is because a while back the BH wasn't available to SO yet in Damier...not sure if a 35 is an available ordering option. :shrugs:
  2. It should be...I know there is a certain time after the release of a new style that you can't SO it, but the 35 has been around long enough that that shouldn't be a problem? Your SA or 866 might have a more definite answer tho
  3. I also would like to know
  4. i would love the damier in 35. called my local store but got put on hold too long so I hung up.
  5. that's been on my wishlist too. i should call my SA and find out.
  6. I want to know too.
  7. yeah... i really want a Damier Speedy 35... i have the 30 right now but when i see my mom's Monogram Speedy 35... i feel a bit jealous. it could be a bit too big for me though but i just like having the feeling i could've gotten a bigger bag for $25 more haha
  8. I would love to SO one as well, as I find the 30 a bit small. Sorry I don't know either!
  9. i hope they don't have it b/c i just got mine and i would hate knowing it comes in a 35 cuz i lovee big bags ...lol
  10. i would love to SO one also, but there was a thread on here that said that the damier 35 may become available soon, without SO. i don't know if it's true, though. i'm crossing my fingers!
  11. I'll keep everyone updated. I called my local SA and she is investigating it for me. Apparently the info wasn't readily available, as there are really no requests for it. :idea:

    I went back and forth today between my Damier 30 and mono 35 sizes....I really like the 35....the slouch when it sits, and the ease of entry. :heart:
  12. 35 in damier would be fantastic!
  13. sound great damier speedy 35
  14. I have asked this question so many times to either the Sydney & Singapore stores and the answers are always the same: NO
    I can't even make special order for it :tdown:
  15. really? i was told it could be special ordered... maybe it's a location related thing? :confused1: