Speedy 35? Carryable?

  1. Thinking of getting the Speedy Mono 35 with my wallet credit. Anyone carry one this size? Is it TOO big for a purse? :shrugs:
  2. Personally unless you carry half your house with you i think a 30 is big enough.
  3. i have a 35 speedy, i find it useful. in terms of storage, there are plenty. i had a 25 before but found it too small so got myself a 35.
  4. if you like bigger hand held bags i say go for it..:yes:
    i have a 30 and love it. i was thinking of getting a 35, but didn't want to give up my 30 :love: , so i just got a deauville instead for a different style.
    i know lots of pf'ers have a 35 and love it though.

    good luck with what ever bag you get :flowers:
  5. I have a vintage what I think is a 35 but maybe a 40..... anyway it def. works as a purse and I also love it to use for overnight business stuff, it's perfect to throw a change of clothes and makeup/skin care in.....
  6. Bonjour, I had Speedy 25, 30 ,35 and 40.
    The first is too small (for me)
    the second is perfect size
    the last ones were too big but it depends of what you are carrying every day. For my part I use to have a Popincourt Haut, a Deauville, a Batignolles which are not really big bags, that's the reason why the 35 and 40 where too big. Don't forget that the more big they are the more they sag, so you have to think about a cupboard to keep the shape.

  7. Does the 35 have a cell phone pocket?
  8. The Speedy 35 is a good size but the Speedy 30 is better to use every day. The 35 is slightly too big, better for handluggage while travelling.
  9. i really like the size of speedy 25 and 30. its prefect to carry it everywhere. i think 35 is too bag for my size.
  10. I don't think it's too big..I'm getting the Miroir one when it comes out and it's definitely bigger than most of the bags I have. I love it though!
  11. None of the speedies have a cell phone pocket. It has a side pocket just like the 25 and 30.
  12. The side pocket that Bag Fetish mentioned is what I use to hold my Sidekick. I have the mono Speedy 35 and I love it. I use it as an everyday bag, and have not had any problems:smile:
  13. Hi!

    I'm 5'5 1/2" tall and use the Speedy 35 for my everyday bag. I don't have a sag problem because I use 2 layers of heavy corrugated cardboard in the bottom encased in a flannel sleeve (looks like a little pillowcase). I use a Poche Toilette 26 as a catchall for small items and a sectional divider. I do collect LV, but the Speedy 35 is still my favorite~~I have 3 of them.:girlsigh:
  14. I'm 5'1 and have the 35 because I want to be able to carry A4 stuff with me. if you don't need A4 the 30 is enough