Speedy 35 and 40 pics please!

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  1. Hi I am unsure of the size of them as the LV website doesn't have modeling pictures. Would you be able to post modeling pics or describe the size for me? Thanks X
  2. if you check in the celeb's with speedies thread, there should be some of all sizes you can check out - i think jessica simpson carries a 35
  3. mine is a 35
    i love it! use it every day!
    i'm 168 cm if that helps

    i look so fat in that picture, i am a bit smaller in real life! i hope haha
  4. Suzanne- I love your speedy and you don't look fat. From your picture I think the 35 would definitely suit my needs, thankyou for replying! x
  5. Girl, you look gorgeous in that picture with your speedy!

    I have no idea what your talking about!