Speedy 35-40 owners[lovers]

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  1. I was thinking of getting the Speedy 35. Then I saw a pic of a girl carrying a 40 and loved it! THEN I saw a pic of a used Speedy [nice and "stretched" out] I guess you could say and loved that! Well my question is after you use your 35 for a few months does it expand or loosen up ? Or should I just go for the 40? TIA! [I'm 5'11 and weigh about 170ish, which one would suit me better? ]
  2. I have the 40 and I love it to death, you should get it !!!!
  3. I just got the 40 last week and I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH IT!!! Definitely go for the 40!!! :tup::yes::yahoo:
  4. I use my Speedy 40 only for travelling, as I think its big and bulky for everyday use. I do LVoe it, though!
  5. I'd go with 35...its big enough and a 40 is just too big for everyday use, regardless of body type.
  6. I have 30 and I had 35.
    30 is good size for everyday.
    35 was too big for everyday IMO but it was OK.

    Do you carry many stuff?
    You are tall so I recommend 30 or 35!!

    How tall Hilary Duff and Jessica Simpsons?
    They always carry 30!
  7. I would say go for a 35 instead of a 40. 40 would be more of a travel size, imo. Good luck with your decision!
  8. i would go for the 35.
  9. i don't think the 35 or any speedy expands after use. I have the 35 and love it. 40 might be too big, but i dunno, it depends on your preference.
  10. i agree!

    i have the 35 and i love it!!
  11. Thanks everyone I appreciate it !
  12. :yes:I agree. I have the 35 and its perfect. :love:
  13. I've tried the 35 and its a manageable size. It depends on what your going to carry but if its not that much stuff go for the 35, if its a lot of stuff or you have changes of clothes or something go for the 40.
  14. I am 5'8 and 150lbs and I own the 35 and I think it is the perfect size for me.
  15. 5`3 . 130 lbs & the speedy 30 is too small for me
    i wish i got the 35