Speedy 35? 40? for a petite girl

  1. Hi! I registered for tpf way back in april, but I totally never posted. I recently rediscovered my account on here during finals week (great timing..i know :tup:).

    So I own a mono Speedy 25 and a Damier Speedy 30. I prefer using the 30, but lately I've been eyeing the larger monograms speedy 35 and 40. I mean I love the look, but I'm afraid that it'll look ridiculously big on me. People already comment on how large the 30 looks on me, but I love large purses.

    My question is..

    Do you guys think a speedy 35 or 40 would be too overwhelming for my small frame (I'm 5'4" 95 pounds)?

    If not, which do you prefer?
  2. anybody?
  3. 40 will look like you're carrying a duffel bag around. Between the two, i would have to say 35.
  4. Wow, you're slim ... I mean, I'm 5'0" and 100lbs and everyone tells me what a tiny little thing I am! :cutesy: I agree with Gucci Lover, a 40 would be huge on you. The 35 will still look like a big bag without overwhelming you.
  5. i have small bone structure..everyone expects my rib cage to stick out when I'm in a bikini..but they're like :O when they see no bones.

    Thank you for your opinions =]
  6. I wouldn't do anything bigger than a 30 for your size - just too big. I'm 5'2 and have both a 25 and a 30. I think I would look really silly with anything bigger.
  7. Will you be selling the 25 or 30 if you got the 35 or 40? I'm asking b/c if you go with the 35 its almost the same (well slightly larger) than the 30 so what advantage would that have? However, the 40 does seem to be a bit too overwhelming for your petite frame. I'm also 5'4" (but definitely not as light as you on the scale) and when I carried the 30, I felt it was just right. I had tried the 35 and felt/saw the sag in the speedy..that doesn't do much to help/enhance my figure...its the overall look when I carry the purse that I'm after.

    With that said, if you can rock it in the 35 or 40, go for it.
  8. no I will be keeping my 25 and 30 because they were both presents from people I love.:heart:

    I was thinking maybe I could rock a funky look with the 35..frye boots..leggings...and a long tunic..with big hair =]:sweatdrop:
  9. I'm 5'1 with the 35 and don't care about how it looks... it about what I can carry in it
  10. im 5'3 and anything bigger than the 30 is BIG on me....
  11. I think a 30 would suit the best, BUT if you're confident and happy to carry a 35 then go for it!:tup:
  12. 35 ! :tup:
  13. Try them both on and get what you like. Good Luck.
  14. I'm a little bigger than you, but I love the 35! I think it's a fabulous size--big, but fab:p
  15. Ditto! 5'2" here and I have a 25 and a 30 and I too think it would look silly...like you were hauling around luggage! Sorry! Perhaps if you were 120# it wouldn't look overwhelming. I can't even imagine 95# and 5'4"...I am 5'2" and 110# and I am small! Oh, and i should add when I carry my 30 my DH thinks it looks like a carryon piece of luggage!:lol: