Speedy 30

  1. My husband told me the other day the speedy 30 looks like a older persons bag and old fashion because of the handles and shape. I explained that it is an icon bag and that Audrey Hepburn carried a speedy 25 and he said, "it looks old fashion". My dh does not know handbags at all and I was a little insulted that he thought it looked like a granny bag. I personally feel that it looks youthful and went for it over the Alma because I thought it was more youthful and casual. Thank goodness I did because the Alma is more sophisticated and I could just imagine what he would have thought. Anyone else get any comments like this about their speedy????
  2. I have one (I'm 48) and my 21 year old daughter picked one for Christmas last year and loves it. I think they are ageless.

  3. I agree that they are ageless...maybe he is trying to deter me from buying LV so, he made the comment or maybe it looks old fashion because he is not use to mono canvas...I love my speedy regardless and think that it looks great on everyone...it is a part of LV history:P
  4. Who cares what he says! You love it, and that's all there is to it! Speedies are the most selling LV handbags, it's like everyone has one, well except me. I prefer shoulder bags, but I might change over time. I love the look of a baggy Speedy it's classic.
  5. Yeah I think they're ageless. And besides, why should he care? It's not like you're making HIM use it.
  6. LOL..:roflmfao: :lol: ..

    That what I said to DH.." you don't like this bag, you can't borrow it then "
  7. thanks gang...too funny...he will not be borrowing my speedy...showing him LV pics he said that he preferred the shape of the papillon bag..it is smaller and more youthful IHO...the speedy 30 fits more stuff!!!
  8. Oh, I won't care much about what GUYS(DH, BF, or whoever) think about MY bag. Not to say that all guys know nothing about fashion, (I know some really have a great sense of fashion) but I believe in my own taste. :P Speedy is for any age! It's simply timeless and classic!
  9. Well, LV Speedy is timeless and so is Chanel IMHO.
    If you want to see old fashioned, check out the "granny" style bags by Vera Bradley all the girls are carrying in PA. They look like a bag you should carry knitting in or a recycled bedspread. Sorry, VB fans!
  10. I just turned 20 and I just bought a speedy 30 and believe me, it is DEFINENTLY not an old people bag...I love this bag more than any bag i've ever owned because it is just so gorgeous to stare at..

    guys just dont get it sometimes:shame:
  11. Personally, I don't worry too much about what others may think. Although it did annoy me when a guy friend said my Francesco Biasia bag was "butt ugly". No-taste goof! :yucky:
  12. My mom called my Speedy 30 an "old lady bag" but I didn't care!

    But I also saw a thread on here asking if someone over 35 is too old for a speedy!
  13. I'm 21 and I've gotten nothing but compliments on my Speedy 30.
  14. LMAO, but I agree...I am one of the very few who doesn't like the speedy :shrugs: .