Speedy 30

  1. what are your thoughts on the Speedy 30/35. I thinking about buying this purse. Is this a great purse?
  2. It's an LV icon and a classic.
    You can't go wrong...
  3. You cannot go wrong with a speedy 30. It is a must-have IMO. :yes:
  4. The 30 rocks
  5. Yup, I'd get the 30.
  6. speedy 30 is a must have ;)
  7. 30 is so classic. I'm getting my Damier Speedy 30 tomorrow!
  8. It's a must have bag. My first one was a speedy. Classic yet practical.
  9. 30 is a great size, although if you get a chance to go into the store, I would since it's only when it's on you that you'll know for sure which is the size for you !
  10. It's a very popular and functional bag. I think the 30 is the perfect size.
  11. so :true:
  12. I have the Mono Speedy 30 and 35. Mono Speedy 30 is a great everyday bag for me and I use the Mono Speedy 35 when I travel. I highly recommend both! :tup:
  13. Get the 30! I just got it a couple days ago and she is absolutely perfect. It looks so cute and it fits so much I can't believe it. I think it is THE perfect bag!
  14. I love my 30! I would like to carry her everyday, but I have to give my other bags a chance :smile: But really she's my favorite!
  15. I have the 30 x2 and i Love them. Speaking of classic, love your name Erica Kane.. La Lucci