Speedy 30

  1. ok my auction was best offer or bin I had great offers but someone chose bin. I have not heard a peep from her. In any case on that same day some one tried to get into my account. Do yall think coincidence because she has not responded at all.can i relist already or have courtesy and wait 3 more days.
  2. how long has it been since the auction ended?
  3. I had this happened twice... two auctions w/ best offer, both ended w/ BIN. The 1st buyer had 0-feedback so I was like :cursing:
    She didn't contacted me at all, but a few days later I had the money. Same w/ the 2nd auction, BIN, no contact... a few days later: paid.
    I hate, if ppl don't send a short eMail when they don't pay immediately, esp. w/ the weird BIN-thing...

    I'd send her an eMail w/ payment informations and ask her to reply so that you know she's still 'alive'... If she doesn't do anything, relist the item and report her to eBay.
  4. I'd wait 7 days, Buyers have 7 days, per eBay rules, to pay anyhow.
    May as well play by the rules on your part.
  5. to be honest, when I was an eBay 'beginner' I didn't either send emails - maybe bec I didn't know the system and it just didn't cross my mind? with time, when you are more confident you understand better how it works.

    I agree, wait the 7 days and then do something about it. good luck