Speedy 30 zipper pull

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  1. I have a Damier Ebene Speedy 30 from 2009, and I know the underside of the leather zipper pull can get some "fuzzies" since only the top side of the zipper pull is leather (I hope I don't sound too confusing). But is this normal or should the fabric underside not look this "fuzzy" ? I bought this preloved. Thanks!

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  2. My DE speedy is from somewhere around 2007 and doesn't look like that at all...
  3. Hmmmm to be honest I've never seen one that looks like that
  4. Me too! I've seen a lot of pre loved pics and own 2 classics as well, never seen anything like it.

    What is the rest of the condition like?
  5. The rest of the bag looks gently used aside from a few scuffs on the piping. I've also included a few more pics of the other leather tabs' undersides to show how the "fuzzies" compare on the rest of this bag.

    I really appreciate everyone's input!

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  6. Bag looks normal to me.
  7. Other tabs/condition looks fine to me. Not sure but maybe it's the flash used in your first pic that's making it look the way it is...
  8. Yea most of the bag looks ok to me..it's just that one darn zipper pull.
  9. Pic without flash:

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  10. That looks gross tbh!
  11. Haha my husband had the same reaction to the zipper pull when I took the bag out of the shipping box...he was like "Eww. What is that!" :lol:
  12. I've never seen a pull tab get that fuzzy before although the rest of the bag looks great. If it's really bothering you then you can always go into a store, if you have one close by or reasonably close by, and ask them to change/repair it...it only takes a couple of minutes and is often done on the same day unless the part is out of stock or they're crazy busy.
  13. Where did you get this bag?
  14. Thanks for that info:smile:. I've never seen it get that fuzzy either in all the pics of preloved speedies..not even on another speedy 30 of mine that is from 2004. It doesn't bother me (even in this defective state) as long as it is a real zipper pull ...however it is bugging me right now as I bought this preloved so the zipper pull is somewhat raising a red flag for me.