speedy 30- which one


Which to buy-

  1. Damier Speedy 30

  2. Mono Speedy 30

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  1. hello all.

    ok.. i have a speedy 30 mnderin epi

    i want to add one more to my collection (ok more than one but fr now)

    what do you think is better.. a mono or a daimer..

    im thining of also getting the azur ( provieded that its coated) but cuz the colors are diff i dont mind 2 azurs,

    do you think the mono is too myuch as its everywhere. or ever LV girl should hve one?

  2. Damier.:yes:
  3. I'd go with a Mono 30 as it's such a classic piece and I think every LV girl hould have one :angel:

    AND :devil: I'd get the Damier 25 as it's just too cute

    You never can have enough speedies, right?!
  4. i have the damier and :heart: it, so i vote for the damier. Is it not so common as the Monogram and there's no vachetta on it
  5. ^ thanks guys.. hehe i think i wil go with whatever gets the most votes. going in 2weeks tog et it as super broke now.

    im a big girl so the speedy 25 doesnt really sutime
  6. I voted for 30 mono! i love mine hehehe!!! such a classic LV!
  7. i love the DAmier one!
  8. Umm, if u r already planning on getting the azur regardless of your decision here, then perhaps get the mono. Audrey Hepburn looked HOT with the mono speedy (then again...she looks hot, period)
  9. I'd go for the Damier as it's less common than the mono; but i'm biased because I don;t like monograms
  10. Get what you LOVE. If you love the damier more, get it. It doesn't sound like you love the mono more than the damier (based on the first post).
  11. i prefer the Damier. it's so much easier to take care of, and the Monogram is too common.
  12. i have the mandarin speedy as well as damier speedy..

    so another vote for damier :heart:
  13. I vote mono.
    Until I started coming on here I was trying new bags, bought a Paddy (which I'll end up sellling) and a Balenciaga, but now I'm back with LV after seeing all the fab pics. I really want an epi speedy now!
  14. Damier, it´s durable!
  15. Azur :love: And mono hehe...