Speedy 30 vs Papilon 30..

  1. Anyone have both of these bags and take a picture for size comparison? ^^;

    I think the papillon is super cute! But it looks a bit small? I'm not quite sure! ^^;


    Title Typo: Papillon*
  2. i don't have a pic but i definitely prefer the speedy!
  3. Pap is a lot smaller. You'll never hold what you can in a speedy in the pap.
  4. ^^^ Agreed totally!^^^
  5. Sorry...I don't have any pictures but here are the dimensions from eluxury.com

    Speedy 30: 12" L x 8" H x 6.5" W
    Papillon 30: 12"x 6"x 6"

    Do you like more structured bags? I personally do so would go for the Papillon. What do you carry on a daily basis in your bag?
  6. You should also think about hand held vs shoulder bags. I'm a shoulder bag kind of girl, so if I could only have one I'd go for the pap.
  7. Go for the speedy...pap is too small.
  8. I don't have the papillon but I'd go for the speedy for its more generous sizing, though the speedy doesn't have the leather lining the pap has.
  9. I like the speedy more!
  10. I would go for the speedy too.
  11. I prefer the speedy because you hold a lot more than the pap.
  12. The papillon was my first LV bag. I had wanted it for a long time before I got it. I agree that the speedy holds more but the papillon is more structured and the bonus for me is that it's a shoulder bag. I can take pics if you want.
  13. pap got leather lining ?? :biggrin:
    yes.. some pictures please.
  14. Papillon.
  15. speedy 30:tup: