Speedy 30 vs. Gucci Sukey....help me decide

Mar 25, 2010
Hi all, I need your help. I am deciding my next bag. I have narrowed it down to these 2, Speedy 30 in Ebene or medium Gucci Sukey in beige/brown. I know these are 2 totally different bag (which makes me think that I may eventually end up buying both). But, since I have bought 3 LVs within 2 months, I think my DH will not be happy if I buy 2 more soon (I'm also going to buy an Ebene Pochette within the next month).

So, please help me decide which one I should get....Speedy 30 in Ebene or medium Gucci Sukey.



Jul 16, 2009
I'm also torn-- a new LV, my first Bal or possibly the Sukey!

I have three Speedys btw and love them but now I really want a shoulder bag. I can't remember- is the Sukey comfy to carry on your shoulder?


PhD in shopping
Dec 27, 2008
I have two Speedy 30s (Azur and Mono) anddd the Damier Pochette. (We have the same taste OP)
^Speedy is an essential! What else do you have in your LV collection?

I have been lusting over the Sukey! I tried it on a few days ago.... I reallyyy want one!
The things that are holding me back is 1) the L size is VERY large and kinda overwhelms me... the small is too small
2) I lovee Gucci! Yett- I love the canvas of LV. I'm more careful w/ my Gucci Canvas pieces but they're fine (and I have 4 pieces)

Sweet Pea

Sep 19, 2007
I love my Speedy's and Sukey. I have had no stitching problem with my Large Sukey and it is extremely comfy on the shoulder(the handles are kind of soft/spongey to the touch). I upgraded my Speedy 30 to 35. You can't go wrong with either bag, both are simply gorgeous bags!!