..speedy 30 uneven alignment???

  1. hey all! i've been looking at my speedy and I noticed that from the front view..the sides are uneven...and from the side view, the piping does'nt look symmetrical...is this normal?? I know since they are handmade they can't be 100% perfect, but i keep looking at it and thinking that there's something wrong with it...i'm actually thinking of driving down to san francisco (1.5 hr away) to exchange it....but I need some opinions first.....what do you guys think??? Do all speedies look like mine?
    P1010003.JPG P1010014.JPG P1010027.JPG
  2. Looks okay to me. If you're not happy with it exchange it.
  3. Oh. My speedy 30 does that too. I think is normal.

    It looks great none-the-less.
  4. Perhaps it looks uneven because its been stored folded as speedies are. Try and stuffing or filling it completely so that you can see its real shape full and maybe this uneveness you are speaking about will disappear. Speedies always seem to be like this when new. The canvas on the sides looks cut and sewn evenly from what I can see, so its probably just a matter of removing the small folds and wrinkles. Try it and let us know how it looks when totally full/expanded.
  5. Looks normal, hon. I own 2 mono speedies and that's pretty much standard.
  6. ^^ What is that bag in your avatar? Am I blind? ^^
  7. i don't know, i've been trying to get rid of the wrinkles by stuffing my speedy with a bunch of tshirts (for the past 4 days) and when i took out the tshirts, i noticed that the sides from the front view seemed to bend slightly inwards...i dont know, maybe i'm being too picky
  8. That would be the Tivoli! It comes out next month.
  9. That's entirely normal. I'd exchange it if it really bothers you.
  10. Mono Tivoli...releasing Nov 1.
  11. I wouldnt worry too much abt it.. But if ur not happy with it have it exchanged..
  12. When it's new it looks like that b/c the canvas is very stiff, but the more you use it, the canvas gets softer and the shape gets better.
  13. normal.
  14. Looks fine to me. my mone and mc speedies cave in like that too.
  15. I agree with the others, that is normal.

    But if it is really bothering you and you are not happy with it I would exchange it.