Speedy 30 too large for small female?

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  1. Can you ladies give me some help on this...?

    I'm already have (and love) the Speedy b 25 in DE and Mono.

    I'm now considering getting the Speedy in DA (either classic or bandouliere) in the 30 size rather than another 25 and am wondering if it may be too large for my frame (I'm 5' 2" and slim).

    Could I have your thoughts on this (and any pics of you with your Azur 30 would be so helpful).

  2. I'm 5'3" and have a Speedy B 30. I use it on my shoulder because it looks too big when using it crossbody. I love my Speedy 30. It is great for work and travel. :smile:
  3. I'm 5' and prefer the 30
  4. I'm 5'2, 122 pds and I LOVE my 30! It's just the right size and holds everything I ask it too. Loved my mono one so much i bought a DA one as well:smile:
  5. I'm 5'4" and own 2 Speedy 30's---I like to carry on my shoulder and think my 25's look much more trim and chic. The 30's hold a lot and aren't much heavier, but give a more casual vibe to the outfit.
  6. I'm 5'2" slim and adore the speedy on everyone else, but I tried it out the other day in mono and it's HUGE. Way too big for me I think. I imagine it would look even larger in the azure print.
  7. I'm 5'0" and bought a speedy 30 but felt it looked like luggage on me. I also found that I put more things in it to make it look fuller. For me personally 25 was best.
  8. I'm 5'2 and tried the 30b. I found it overwhelming and looked like a duffle bag on me. I also realized if I carried that bag filled it would be heavy and prob hurt my back- I don't like to see a half empty 30 all smooshy so I would have to fill it.
  9. if it's a 30 b it will appear large when worn crossbody but worn handheld IMO the speedy 25 looks too tiny and then I prefer the look of the 30
  10. I'm 5'0 and slim, 30 looks way too big on me, and I think crossbody was even more unflattering. Looked like a duffle bag yet the 25 was perfect. But I know a lot of petite women still love the 30. Gld
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  11. I'm 5'3" and 100# ( petite, slim with straight figure) and the 30 really does overwhelm my frame. I sold my Speedy 30 and purchased the 25 and it is a much better " fit". I don't find the opening too small and it's plenty roomy. All of the SA's and even other shoppers in the boutique voted " NO!" when I revisited the 30. I definitely think the bag should be in proportion to your body for the most flattering silhouette.
  12. The 30 is something of a "Goldilocks size" since it's neither too big nor too small but just right. I'm 5'9/10 with a heavy/curvy frame and can wear it just fine (although 35 might be better given how much I usually carry:P) and my mom is less than 4'11 and can also carry the 30 no problem. The only time she looks a little overpowered by the bag is if she doesn't have a base shaper inside and it decides to really sag.
  13. It really depends. I'm 5'2 maybe 105 pounds and I carry the 35. It can get heavy but it doesn't look too big. I think a 30 would be perfect but I think everyone should go for what they want.
  14. I am 5'2" and 110-115 (depending LOL) and I love the 25!
  15. Thanks so much ladies, all your answers are a great help.

    I'll be going to the LV boutique around the middle of June (that's if I'm able to hold myself back from going MUCH sooner:graucho:). I know the 25 suits me fine but I'm wondering if the 30 size gives an extra "edge" to the overall look.

    Do any of you ladies around my height and frame have a model shot with your 30?. Thanks again!